tisdag 5 juli 2011

Glass for sale!

Due to a relocation I have decided to sell most of my Czech glass collection. Taking all that glass with me isn't practical, I don't have the space to display it properly and we're already short of storage room.

I'm not giving up on collecting, my love for Czech glass is as great as ever! A year ago we moved from an apartment to the one we have now. I don't know how many boxes of glass I carried up and down the stairs but it was many. You can't really fit that many vases in a box before it gets too heavy to carry. Anyway, a couple of months ago a family member developed an pretty severe allergy which we suspect is caused by the apartment we live in since we found out there's moisture in a wall from a water damage that occured before we moved in. I was planning on staying here for many years but now we have to move in 3 months time and there's just no way to bring all that glass! I don't sell the glass with a heavy heart, but in the best of worlds I would have kept every single piece...

Everything I have in my picasa gallery is for sale EXCEPT my Exbor vase, the Suhajek vase and the Harrtil-pieces. As some of you already know, 3 of the ZBS figurines went to glass heaven but I have 5 others that are not in the gallery (so I have 9 figurines for sale in total). Also, I suspect that the paper weight is Exbor but I have nothing to prove it. Anyway, send me an email if there's anything you like to know more about and we'll agree on something.

The blog will continue as before and the Picasa album will stay online as a reference for other collectors. Updates won't be as frequent of course.

Send inquiries to: emilbrannstrom(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

The picasa gallery: https://picasaweb.google.com/106370355733525107342/BohemiaGlas

Best Regards

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